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& will it ever stop?

 He did call. Day before yesterday, after I pinged him on the chat. Now, i feel stupid, crying my eyes out over a guy. I was right though, it hardly had bothered him, not talking to me. Because in these two days (since he first called), we haven't talked for more than 30 minutes cos every time he had to go 'urgently' only to play call of duty or watch TV. I mean SO little to him, like someone he would call for the few minutes hes bored and then, when he's passed all this free unnecessary time, he'd go back to doing whatever he was before. It just pisses me off.

My parents want me to change my school AGAIN because my A levels result will come out 2 months late than the normal schools, which means i might not get admission in ANY college in my country. This sucks. All the schools are about to start and hardly any one of them are offering admissions. The only school where i might have a chance, is a pathetic overcrowded place with the most unruly children.  I just hope they say NO and i can switch to IB (i'd rather go to some other place than that awful jungle) or stay here maybe. I don't want to go because of HIM and he doesn't even see beyond his PS 3 or whatever. Hostel is appealing but somehow, i don't want to leave my mom :/

But i know my priorities and they are definitely not a guy i would like to date. I have to pass high school with good grades and on time. 
Please god, make everything work out. I probably say that you don't exist but deep down i sort of believe that you do. 

I am shit scared. I have one week before school starts and i haven't even got the books. But I don't want to be accepted to this crowded school everyone is talking about.
I just need a third, better alternative.
Please, any magical, mighty power that rules the world, help me on this one :|
Much Later,

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