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i am just a person, but you can't take it.

I am so dead.
My parents say that the transfer to this other school isn't happening so i might as well stay here.
This CANNOT happen.
I can't survive two freaking years HERE. I mean i can't wait for the month to get over so that i can get out and they are asking me to spend 24 fucking months here?!
I don't know, get me another school, expensive or not. I'll be ruining my present AND future if i keep going here.
Its scary how the first thought that came to my mind after my parents gave the bad news was, i could just swallow down 3 aspirins and my ulcer will take care of the rest. I don't want to be a coward and end up in hospital, but this if i am to be screwed, why not do it myself?! (lol, that sounds weird).
But ever since, i am freaked out.

i mean, there are a few options.
I get transferred.
I go to this new, very expensive school my dad can't probably deal with at the moment thanks to financial problems.
I stay here and enter massive depression (also there goes my admission in any college here).

& then there are other far fetched options like hostel which i am not even considering.
basically, i have no idea what i will do.
I need a new door to open. Or something to be unlocked. Whatever it is.

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